Samsung International Hospital

Conceived as a vertical garden hospital, framed by the majesty of the surrounding hills, this new hospital will be a jewel within Samsung’s corporate portfolio. The design for the new Samsung International Hospital is all about emotion and the experience. The proposed design blends nature and technology into a building that emerges from the site to establish a dia­logue with nature celebrating body mind and spirit. Technology is fully embraced but does not overpower the main goal of the design, a harmonious integration of architecture and nature. The building creates an iconic identity seen from the main roadway; rows of trees form lines in the landscape which visually weave the building into the hillside. These horizontal lines, inspired by the contours of the hillside, form horizontal programmatic trays. The trays connect through the building in a series of internal double height spaces with atrium gar­dens programmed with amenities which enhance the guests stay. Multi-level interior gardens located throughout public and staff areas create strong visual connection between the building and nature. Roof terraces link and visually extend into the hillside. This interaction with nature creates an environ­ment which turns the traditional box inside out to reinforce nature’s healing qualities.

Size 1.2M SF
Location  Seoul, South Korea 
Year 2010 (Competition)
Client Samsung