El Sereno Pool & Recreation Center

This indoor pool facility is located at the base of a gathering of small foothills, which are a prominent feature of the community, and serve as a backdrop for the project.  The building acts both as a physical and visual link between the existing upper playground and the lower playing fields.

The facility’s design reflects its duality as both a playful recreation facility, and a modern and dynamic civic landmark for the community.  The massing is a composition of distinct programmatic elements where forms and curves overlap and intersect.  The natural copper roof canopy forms a gentle arc that recreates the sloping form inherent to the hillside.

The main swimming pool area is located below the curving roof and overlaps the linear blue body curve which includes the entrance lobby, dressing rooms, and staff area.  Clerestory windows and skylights also serve to enliven and animate the pool area.  The classroom and storage component, clad in corrugated metal panel, is located at the rear of the building.  Other materials used were various types of masonry block, which draw upon the nature of the park and its rugged stone walls.

Size 19,000 SF
Location  El Sereno, California 
Year 1999
Client City of Los Angeles