LA Courthouse Competition Responsive Facade

This past fall, the Yazdani Studio, along with Gruen Associates and builders Hensel Phelps participated in an invited competition to design a new US Courthouse in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The site for the project is located at the intersection of Broadway and 1st, one block West of the LA times building and a few blocks east of the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Mehrdad Yazdani

Principal, Design Director

Paul Gonzales

Our studio design manager brings extensive experience across all phases of architectural practice and consistently executes significant, beautiful and complex projects across the world.

Craig Booth

Craig offers more than 20 years of architectural experience and has helped establish the Yazdani Studio’s design vision. He is instrumental in the realization of distinguished architectural projects that elevate his clients and the design industry.

Yan Krymsky

Associate Vice President
A senior designer in the Studio, Yan works with cutting-edge technology to explore multiple design iterations and synthesize client project goals and vision.