We are thrilled to share the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Resnick Sustainability Resource Center has been recognized with a 2021 AIA | NEXT LA Honor Award.

Designed by Yazdani Studio and now recognized by the AIA Los Angeles, the Resnick Sustainability Resource Center is set to be a breakthrough hub for critical research into our most pressing climate and sustainability challenges. The building will unite experts from across physical sciences, life sciences, and engineering disciplines in shared spaces with access to unparalleled instrumentation to advance novel solutions that extend beyond any single discipline.


Of the Resnick Center, the AIA Los Angeles jury said, “The wonderful undulating skin of this building is stunning. In the daytime or at night, the building is a beacon for the innovative, sustainable technology being explored within. The responsive skin shapes dynamic, light-filled social spaces, along with the primary circulation, at the perimeter of the building.

This is truly an engaging space sponsoring cross-disciplinary collaboration. This beautiful building is packed with sustainable features. The floor plans are designed to provide flexibility for future engagement of scientists and engineers. The use of CLT as a structural and humanizing material addresses the need to create inspiring work environments.”

Speaking of the project earlier this year, Mehrdad Yazdani, Director of the Yazdani Studio shared, “This is a makerspace for scientists that’s not allocated to any single department. It’s a place where great minds will come together to reshape our natural world for the better.”