The highly visible Mobile Museum of Tolerance (MMOT) serves as the Simon Wiesenthal Center Illinois’ flagship educational initiative and travels all across the state. The MMOT will be a mobile extension of the center’s work to confront anti-Semitism, hate and terrorism, while promoting human rights and dignity through education.

The MMOT is equipped with high-tech immersive activities, “theater” seating, and interactive technologies to provide a a world class learning experience for students of all ages from any community in the state. The project designed by our Yazdani Studio has key goals including:

  • Moving students from dialogue to action and helping them recognize their own personal responsibility in making a positive difference in the world
  • Providing transformative educational components and experiences for educators, parents and students
  • Delivering awareness, knowledge and skills that empower, inspire and motivate people to advance meaningful strategic visions, individually and collectively
  • Equipping communities with tools, communications, ongoing resources, connections and support for a community of caring and ethical engagement
  • Instilling excitement and optimism that change does happen in the world, and each of us can foster the solution we are seeking

Our Yazdani team has a deep story with the Simon Wiesenthal Center including interactive gardens and museum exhibits in Jerusalem and the Anne Frank exhibit in Los Angeles.