The Luxe Lake Towers is a high-density housing solution for a new ‘lifestyle’ town located in Chengdu, China. Luxe lakes will soon boast a population of 100,000 people, across a beautiful 3000-acre tapestry of hills, and wetlands, connected through a network of bridges and waterways. The towers adapt the traditional community experience to the complex social and urban demands of contemporary society by cherishing Chengdu’s historic culture, vernacular and community values. By extracting the essential elements of traditional living such as a house and garden, the 250 residents will sample a diverse cross section of society from single young professionals to retired parents living with their children. A collection of residential typologies, from studio apartments to four bedroom family homes, along with surrounding shared spaces, enhances the community experience and cultural continuity in a city that is undergoing so much change. The 30-story tower is broken into three stacks of shifting volumes to create exterior gardens and shade. The stacks connect through a series of bridges and walkways, allowing the residents to explore the vertical terrain as you would a small town or community. Delicate screens clad the building providing shade and privacy to the residents whilst opening up to the natural beauty and elegant modern environment that surrounds them.

Location Chengdu, China
Year 2010