Mehrdad Yazdani to Present on Museum Design for Architectural Record Webinar

Mehrdad Yazdani will present as part of Architectural Record’s upcoming webinar on museum design February 21 at 2 p.m. ET. In the presentation, Mehrdad will showcase his team’s work with the Simon Wiesenthal Center and its Museum of Tolerance, a hands-on experiential museum focusing on the dynamics of racism and prejudice through unique interactive exhibits.
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Ben Juckes: Pushing Boundaries Through Computational Design

“I was blown away by all the tools and technologies that people were using there,” Ben recalls. “The idea that you had the ability to harness complicated geometries through simple procedures really fit with my style of designing, and I decided that this is the way I wanted to practice architecture.”
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University of Utah publishes Q+A with Mehrdad Yazdani

“Looking back to when Lassonde Studios existed solely as an abstract idea… Yazdani stood and told the committee that he’d never designed a building like Lassonde Studios. In fact, given the university’s bold vision for the project, he was confident nobody ever had.”
Q&A with the Lead Design who shaped the Lassonde Studios.
Meet Mehrdad Yazdani

Urbanize.LA publishes update on Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine

Kaiser Permanente's Medical School Pushes Forward in Pasadena -
The new facility is aiming to open in 2020.
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Jacobs Medical Center’s Serenity Room Receives International Design Award

The Serenity Room at UC San Diego Health’s Jacobs Medical Center has received a 2018 International Award for Religious Art & Architecture as part of Faith & Form’s prestigious annual awards program. Specifically, the Serenity Room is recognized for interior design of a liturgical space. A full list of winners is posted on Faith & Form’s website as a photo gallery.

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